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Hawks Again

I've got some great new pictures of the hawks!

These ones with the cloudy skies are from yesterday morning, July 4th. (Happy Birthday, America!)

The rest are from today, about thirty minutes ago. When I got to the park, I could hear three of them, all spread out, and this was the first one I found:

That might be my favorite picture. :)

I followed it while it flew from branch to branch...

...until it stopped on one of the hawks' "usual" perches:

I started imitating the call it was doing, as I sometimes try to do, and the practice must have paid off- the thing seemed really interested in me! I was excited. Then I was momentarily scared when it took off and swooped right toward me. I was sure I must have agitated it, and it had decided to claw at my face a little. But it didn't. It landed on a branch only a few feet above my head to check me out. It was soooo cool. They must be getting used to me hanging around their turf! :)

Is this not the coolest ever?
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